Come learn at Centro de Formação Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo! 

Are you passionate about teaching English to Young Learners?
Would you like to understand and nurture your students'  emotions while they are learning?
Then I invite you to join us in the Affective Language Learning Re-love-ution!

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All of our courses happen at our school in Itaim Bibi in São Paulo, Brazil.  
You can also hire Juan or other teacher educators from the center to come to your school. 

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  1. Experiencing the Affective Language Learning Workshops one year ago was a worthwhile opportunity to develop my educacional practice as well as my Self!
    I got really motivated and satisfied with the reflections and practices we could share and learn together!
    Considering I had already closeness to the theme by having researched emotional issues on the identity construction in teaching and learning foreign languages, I felt instigated and inspired by Juan s passionate work to go further!
    Thank you very much for the opportunity and I strongly recommend it!
    Daniela Aires


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